Philipp Maier is a graduated master of photography (Fotografenmeister), working as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. He is based in Munich, Germany.
For business inquiries or to say hey:
0049 173 2735637
Instagram (@philippmaiercom)
Bunsenstraße 5
81735 Munich
selected clients, collaborations, publications:
Abendzeitung, AERIS, beyondALL, LODENFREY, Flanelle Magazine, MYTHERESA, SIXT,
solstice magazine, VOGUE.IT, VOLANT MAGAZINE
photoMÜNCHEN, Praterinsel Munich, 2019
Mensch&Maschine,Guardini90, Munich, 2019
FARBULOUS, Die Färberei, Munich, 2018

All images and texts are copyrighted and owned by Philipp Maier. Under no circumstances shall these digital files, images and videos be used, copied, displayed or pulled from this site without the expressed written agreement of Philipp Maier.